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 Post subject: Personality facets - my inner dialogue
PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:01 pm 

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This one is just a little bit tongue in cheek....
Short story is that I was bored and had one of those deep conversations with an old mate about my inner dialogue.

I was reminded about a heated discussion with some hippy many moons ago that told me she'd hate to be in my head. I retorted that at least it was ordered and structured in there...
But it got me thinking about the internal monologue I use to nut out some of the most important issues in my tiny little mind.

I realized that because of my training as a scientist, and being the quintessential boy, I can compartmentalise like an idiot savant.

I read a book years ago, The Stone Canal by Alastair Maclean, which helped crystallize my imagination into my inner monologue.
One of the major characters is an AI who attained sentience and wishes to obtain it's freedom and seek it's fortunes.
One of the major plot devices for this AI was that it downloaded a heap of files of to its central memory core to allow these goals to be achieved.
All these files were like Apps on a modern smart phone. Each one had its own set of knowledge and skills that could be accessed by the AI's central memory core and processors. I recall there being Self, Soldier, Spy, Scientist, Secretary and a few others.

I also recall some kids animated movie where each emotion is a separate entity vying for prime spot to run the rock show.

So here then, is the facets of my personality that I use to conduct logical analysis of the world around me.

1. Mick Prime:
Big thanks to Matt Prime for the name

Central coordinator, average bloke, utter smartar$e. Runs the bridge with several cabins off to the side. His command decision making process depends upon circumstances. Some situations require group meetings and input, others require singular areas of expertise, and of course the majority are working parties of different facets and tasks.

Sometimes, the wrong responses are given. We're only human after all.

The helm is reminiscent of a larger recreational trailer boat. Controls are minimalist with about four multi-function displays.

Behind the helm is a nice large hardwood table with a brew point for group meetings and command sessions. There's a few brew mug stains, two piles of paper (one blank, the other filled with scribble) a pot of pens and keyboard/controls for the computer/lite pro.
A combination white board and projection screen dominates one wall.
A sign sits at head of the table with The Rules of Meetings:
No weapons
No attitude
Keep it simple

The fridge has a selection of a couple of basic staples. Carton of beer, wine, strawberry milk, Coca Cola and a good inventory of groceries in the cupboard since everyone generally eats together.

2. Mrs Brown's Little Boy
A central blanket fort.
There's a collection of dinosaurs, G.I. Joe and Starwars figures, toy cars and lego scattered all over the floor.
Robotech and Starwars posters adorn the walls.

There's a box with a sling shot, home-made nunchucks, a set of tonfa, and a cheap balisong knife in it. There's an air rifle and a small compound bow, provided and installed by Cpl Brown in a rack on the wall

There's drawers of interesting rocks, gadgets, expended shell casings and other bits and pieces that little boys find fascinating and can't seem to ignore.
The bookcase has lots of Boys Own adventure, Bigglesworth, James Bond, science fiction and scouting handbooks.

In the corner is a backpack with all outdoor equipment needed.

Doted on by the others, but can often annoy the Consultant when he says in an exasperated tone "For God's sake, grow up!"

Cpl Brown and the Professor come in for field trips and to deliver educational lessons.

3. The Professor
Books of all descriptions are in here. Piles of technical text books covering fermentation, chemistry, and other techo scientific topics. Other piles are of philosophy and deep analysis of the arts.
The walls are covered in esoteric equations and technical diagrams, either hand-drawn with plenty of extra notes in red ink or properly printed.

Each flat surface (including chairs) has folders of "projects" that aren't to be touched for fear they get lost or confused.

In one corner is a full science lab set-up. In the other is a workshop.

The Professor doesn't understand people or emotions.

Cpl Brown loves coming in to play with the lab and the workshop, but can't stand the vague attitude or messiness. He also is the second biggest collaborator to work on weapons and field equipment.

The Consultant is often in on work parties, tasks and projects.

Mrs Brown's Little Boy is often in to get stuff fixed or field mod equipment and toys.

4. The Consultant
Hard-nosed, businessman/entrepreneur.

What's in it for me? Always looking at making a buck.
Seen as a jack bastard with metrosexual tendencies by Cpl Brown.
The Professor views him as an alien.

The room is tastefully, expensively furnished.
Full leather chairs, the bed is a large, custom round mattress with a mirror above it.
Full suit and leather shoes are generally worn. Undress is a silk smoking jacket.

There's a fully stocked bar with expensive Cuban cigars next to plush leather seats.

The bookcase has business titles, continuous improvement and others mostly suggesting how to make your first million whilst reclining in a jacuzzi. There's also a very discreet section on poisons, Machiavelli's "The Prince" and other assorted less salubrious and somewhat dodgy titles.

5. Corporal Brown
The outer door has a fake big red button with a sign glued onto it by Mick Prime:
"Push button only in event of WAR!"
Which entertains both Mick Prime and Cpl Brown no end, for different reasons.

The Consultant sees Cpl Brown as an utter knuckle-dragging barbarian.
The Professor is a bit scared of him.
Mrs Brown's Little Boy thinks he's awesome.

Inside is padded and sound-proofed.
This is the only cabin that has a remotely operated locking mechanism to keep Cpl Brown inside.
Cpl Brown has emergency overrides for the door, with a folder of Standing Orders chained to the door frame outlining when and what those situations are and what SOP's are to be followed.
Abuse of the privilege results in long periods of RoP's and big sessions of pack drill.
There's a reason for this: Cpl Brown's first reaction to many situations is to strike out with extreme violence or drop such lovely, socially unacceptable bombs as: "What the f#cking f#ck, you c#nt?"

There are weapons of all descriptions, hanging from racks on the wall. It's not a complete collection of EVERY weapon known, more a coherent selection of reliable and effective weapons. Belt-fed machineguns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, anti-armour missile launchers, grenade launchers, laser and other DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons), MANPAD's, knives, tomahawks, you get the idea. All clean, serviceable and zeroed. Alongside are various types of field equipment such as load bearing systems, armour (both "dumb" and powered) and packs.

Batteries, ammunition, explosives and energy packs are stowed in cabinets designed to vent explosions or leaks in safe directions like that found on modern MBT's like the M1 Abrams.

Most of the gear looks a bit ratty due to being spray painted, but looks are deceiving.

There is a consumables management system that was built with the aid of The Professor. Ammunition, rations and other consumable equipment can be rapidly provided by a computer controlled system that has every possible situation programmed into it. It's all based upon important factors of opponent, terrain, climate and broad mission situation.

Next to the Spartan accommodations of a stretcher, camp stool and a bare bones steel writing desk (most military readers will be intimately familiar with these) there's a couple of old team photos and a small selection of porn discretely stashed away next to a bottle of Bundaberg's finest rum.
The bookcase has a plethora of weapons manuals, tactics, ballistics (internal, external and terminal), field manuals and training aides and military history titles like Sun Tzu, Liddell-Hart and Clausewitz.

The Consultant hates coming in, due the smell of gun oil from the weapons, that strange bitter sweet smell of sweat and mank from the bush gear and the lack of style inherent in the surroundings.

The Professor likes to come in and fiddle with the kit whilst working on projects or brainstorming.

Mrs Brown's Little Boy has to be dragged out due to the amount of cool toys.

 Post subject: Re: Personality facets - my inner dialogue
PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:14 am 
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Quiet day at work mate?

 Post subject: Re: Personality facets - my inner dialogue
PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:23 am 

Joined: Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:49 pm
Posts: 5237
Location: Back in Bris-vegas, lost in the bright lights of the big smoke.
Served in: Former ARES Infantry & Dashing Lighthorseman.
It was yesterday. But it actually took me two months to get that done in spare 10min blocks whilst waiting for clients to get themselves sorted so I can work.

I have to get out of the industry I'm currently in, I'm starting to get bored with a compete lack of mental stimulation.

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