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 Post subject: 2RAR Recon History
PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:01 pm 

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So this question is a little bit out there, but I'm currently doing pre-course paperwork for recon course and there are several questions regarding past operations which involve 2RAR recon. I've already scoured the internet, checked DRN and asked a few lads from recon but I can't find too much info.

So is there any ex-2 recon blokes or anybody that could help me with R&S commitments to:

- Op Warden
- Op Tanager
- Op Astute
- Op Ramsi

Any info would be greatly appreciated lads! :smt017

Ps. The questions aren't really mandatory but every little bit helps right?

 Post subject: Re: 2RAR Recon History
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:19 am 
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The reason you can't find info is because Recon is a niche skill (sitting down with a pack without making a sound and operating in an undermanned section) :smt017 There was nothing for them to do from 2002 onwards.

I was in Mortar Platoon 2 RAR during INTERFET (Warden), their subsequent AUSTBATT (Tanager) and backfilled an injured R&S guy during Tanager (2001). I'm not sure about ORBATs during INTERFET but, during 2 RARs AUSBATT deployment 2001/02, the Sniper Cell and Recon Platoon were task organized into a R&S Platoon. They drew Sniper and Recon qual'd dudes from the rifle companies to fill out their patrols and look hard during photo opportunities :stoked:

I think the member here that could best answer your questions would be Jason1977 (assuming he's the guy I think he is).

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