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After being retasked by the directive of a 2000 defence department report investigating Australia's SF capabilities and responsibilities the 1st Commando Regiment, as well as its parent unit 4RAR (Commando), have been tasked with counterterrorism and is able to field Recon, and sniper units. The selection and training is identical to that of 4RAR and is run jointly with them at the Special Forces Training Centre at Singleton NSW. 

The Unit headquarters is located in Randwick, NSW. 1 Commando Company (1 Cdo Coy) is located in Mosman, NSW. 2 Cdo Coy is located in the historic Fort Gellibrand at Williamstown, VIC. 301 Signal Squadron (301 Sig Sqn) has its headquarters at Randwick and elements of the squadron are located in Sydney and Melbourne with each Cdo Coy. 1 Cdo Regt is organised similarly to 4 Royal Australian Regiment (Cdo) (4 RAR (Cdo)), which is a regular Commando unit also serving in SOCOMD. The commando companies are made up of a headquarters, two commando platoons, a reconnaissance platoon, a training platoon and integral combat service support elements.

Specialist equipment

1 Cdo Regt is equipped with similar equipment to that of 4 RAR (Cdo), including small arms and support weapon systems, inflatable boats and other small craft and unique communications systems. The unit is equipped with the M4 family of weapons, as used by the SASR and 4 RAR (Cdo).

Reserve Service

1 Cdo Regt is SOCOMDs only Reserve unit. As such it fills a unique role in providing a surge capacity to the Commando capability. Members of 1 Cdo Regt include lawyers, airline pilots, police officers, intelligence officers, teachers, businessmen, students and numerous other professions. This wide range of occupations provides for a close relationship between the Unit, local community and industry, and for a unique ability for SOCOM to draw on such professionals. All members have undergone the same training as required for 4RAR before being beret qualified.


After WW2, the Army disbanded the M and Z Force and the Independent Companies that made up Australia’s first Special Forces units. During the 1950’s it was found necessary to maintain the techniques and skills developed by these units. As a result two Reserve Commando companies were raised, 2 Commando Company (2 Cdo Coy) in February 1955 and 1 Commando Company (1 Cdo Coy) in June 1955. These companies operated independently, training reserve and regular commandos and maintaining the skill-set.

Several members of these companies went on to assist in and man the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) when it was raised. In February 1981 it was decided to raise a headquarters to coordinate, command and control these companies and to provide the ability to round-out and augment staff at Special Operations Headquarters (SOHQ). 1 Cdo Regt provided training teams to assist in raising and training 4 RAR (Cdo) in commando skills.

In 1961, 301 Signal Squadron (301 Sig Sqn) was raised to provide specialist communications in support of 1 Cdo Regt. This role was then adopted by 126 Sig Sqn until June 2002 when 301 Sig Sqn was re-raised to carry out its previous role in support of the Regiment.

Today the 1st Commando Regiment is part of the Special Operations Command. It's members often rotate with 4RAR and contribute to national security by both their unique relationship with TAG-East and in their capacity as the Reservist Ready Response Force.


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